Drifter Bits

Product Range:

1) DIA 39 to 140 mm.
2) Thread Form: R22 to R38, T41 & T51.

Face Styles:

Saideepa Drifter bits are available in two face styles and the majority of the popular thread forms.

drifter-flatThe flat face bit as the name implies is flat across the bit front.
Bit is very aggressive in drilling applications and is suited best for hard rock and in hard rock broken formations. Used primarily in hole work, the bit tends to lead off when drilling deep holes.

Drop Center
This type of drilling face is best suited for less hard and medium type rock formations. The drop center bit drills straight holes while maintaining good penetration. This face design is not as strong as the flat face design however straighter holes will prevail with this type.

Straight Shank and Retrac Shank Styles:

Two types of shank styles are utilized with threaded button bits. The standard Straight Shank and the Retrac Shank.

Retrac Shank
drifter-retracThe retract shank has more mass and is utilized for two primary Drilling purposes. First the retrac design will serve as a guide and drill Straighter holes. Second the retrac design can be used to drill up and out of the hole when drilling in loose and broken rock formation.

Straight Shank
drifter-straitThe straight shank is very common and is the industry standard. This Shank style provides for the most clearance for cuttings coming back up the hole and away from the cutting face.